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EuroJobsTerms and Conditions

EuroJobs Terms and Conditions 2018

1. General

EuroJobs is a Nrg Recruitment Company KFT Registred Brand.

The General Terms and Conditions are applicable between NRG Recruitment Company KFT and the Employer/Client throughout the collaboration. The Terms and Conditions will be automatically agreed to, on signing and sending of the Offer of Employment Contract.

2. Object of Mediation

The recruitment/mediation agency  NRG Recruitment Company KFT consults the Client about assignment of suitable applicants. After successful consultancy the Client sends a signed Offer of Employment Contract to the Agency and a Collaboration Contract.
The Agency has merely the role of intermediator and it is not a temporary employment .

The labour contract will be signed between the applicant and the client, at which the Agency has the role of intermediary.

The client is bound to engage the applicant immediately after arrival as a seasonal or normal employee and shall be responsible for obtaining work or other necessary permits. In the case of the client engaging the employee without the necessary permits, the agency will have the right to claim the resulting damages from the client. The client commits to supply truthful information about the circumstances (number of personnel needed, accomodation conditions, expenses payable, remuneration etc.) on e-mail of fax and to supply further information by phone. The client is obliged to tend to have an available and appropiate accomodation, according to legal requirements.

3. Description of the position and of Workforce

The information about the position and the conditions of work stem from the client, therefore the client is obliged to respect the information provided. The Agency will not be responsible for the accuracy of any information supplied to the client in respect to any applicant and for the accuracy and completeness of the information supplied by him in written form.

4. Claim of Comission

A commission proposal wil be sent to the Employer/Client in the collaboration contract.

5. Confidentiality and Loyality Agreement

a) Contacts between Client and Applicant will exclusively be made through the Agency. By-passing the agency is against contractual dispositions. The client is bound to keep all contact data of the applicant received from the agency confidential and is forbidden to use it in any other purpose than the one intended or to divulge the information to a third party.

b) The client is bound to not employ applicants formerly presented to him by the agency, without previously sending a Offer of Employment Contract towards the agency. The same applies for intermediating of applicants through or to a third party as far as the applicant had been intermediated by the agency in the past.Third parties are considered affiliates of the client aswell.

c) The client is bound to respect the dispositions of a) and b) throughout the collaboration and after ending the collaboration of one year

d) On not respecting of points b) and c) the client is obliged to pay a fee of 500EURO to the Agency.

The client is aware that it is forbidden to intermediate applicants introduced to him by the agency or to contribute to such intermediations only with switching-on the agency.

6. Data Protection

The parties oblige themselves to protect and keep the confidentiality of all the data sent and received from the agency linked to the intermediation and not to disclose any of such to a third party.

This obligation is valid throughout the collaboration.

The client is hereby informed that the regulations of the law on data protection of the respective country and Romanian law 677/2000 about the storage of personal data apply. All personal data will be stored and processed in machine-readable form, and used for contractual purposes exclusively.

The contact data of the intermediated personnel can be stored up to 3 Years without consent and will be destroyed on expiration of this period.

7. Paymant Methods

In case of determining a different payment method between agency and client it shall be made in written form. The services will be invoiced by the agency immediately upon completion. The invoice will be electronically transmitted. The payment of the invoice is due immediately after receiving and payable in full without deductions.

Incase of refusal of payment will be forced to employ a collection company.

8. Guarantees / Legal Responsibilities

The editorial contents of  corresponds to the opinion of the author. The editor is not to be held liable for the accuracy of the information. Claims for compensation of positive violation of contractual duty, against the agency, and his assistants or against the employees, is excluded as far as negligent action is involved.
This also applies to claims of damages for non-performance.

9. Disturbances

The agency will notify the applicant of the arrival date set by the Client at the earliest possible on receipt.

The agency is not to be held liable for unpunctual arrival or failure of arrival of the applicant. Damage claims resulting from such event are not supported by the agency.

In case of premature termination of the employment, other than the period requested by the client, because of involuntary reasons, the employee shouldn`t be indemnified.

The employee should be able to earn at least the amount of wages as to be able to pay the transport costs to his homeland.

In situations when this is not the case the fiduciary duty of the employer will apply, according to which the employer will support the transportation costs and proportionately the mediation fees.

In cases when the applicant is not called to the workplace on the date agreed, or cannot pursue the agreed activities from involuntary reasons, the applicant/employee has the right to claim damages from the client.

In situation when the applicant/employee is not called to the workplace, or cannot pursue the agreed activities and the Offer of Employment Contract/Collaboration Contract is not cancelled at least 3 Workingdays before work commencing date, the agency has the right to claim a cancellation fee of 100 EURO+VAT/ requested work force.
Cancellation of the Offer of Employment Contract is possible, without explanation in the first 3 days after entry. Cancellation should be made in written form, by e-mail or fax. In case of urgent need of workforce ( in 5 days from entry date) the cancellation period is shortened to 24 hours. In case the employer /client cancels the request after the cancellation period, the agency has the right to claim a cancellation fee of 100Euro+Vat for every requested worker.
The cancellation fee consist of: certified translation of the Offer of Employment Contract/Collaboration contract, employment advertisement, interviews, logistic, organisation of transportation, preparation of necessary documentation, certified translation of the labour contract, organising of transport and cancellation fees for these, moral damages of the workforce etc.

10. Missing Labour Contracts

The client/employer has the contractual obligation to present a work contract ,an send it to the Agency, made between employer and the employee, at least 24h before the work commencement date of the employee. If the labour contract is not received by the Agency, 24 hr before the work commencement date of the employee, a penalty of 500Euro+VAT per affected labour relation is calculated.

11. Effectiveness

If at least one part of the contract is held to be unenforceable, the remainder of the Terms and conditions still apply.

12. Other Provisions

For additional costs of transportation to and from the employer, other damages resulting from the work relationship between employer and employee, the agency will not be held liable and will not support the costs of such. The transportation will be ordered and payed by the workers exclusively.
The employees will be remunerated exclusively in Euro currency. The employer is obligated to present the employee a monthly payroll and a cost report ( including boarding and lodging costs etc). The General Terms and Conditions of the agency are applicable exclusively. Exclusively Hungarian law is applicable. Court of jurisdiction is Szeged, Hungaria.

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* See Offer of Employment Contract!

For the Year 2018.

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